lines Electrical Line (Pigtail)

Supply and Service lines - (Check each line separately and name it.) I am checking the Supply line for air leaks, cuts, chafing, splices or worn areas. I am checking the Service line for air leaks, cuts, chafing, splices or worn areas .I am checking the glad hand connectors and their seals.(Undo them to check the grommets.) I am checking that air lines are secured and supported properly so they will not rub or get cut during driving.

trailer front

Catwalk - I am checking that the catwalk is solid, securely mounted to the tractor frame, and clear of objects.

Exhaust - I am checking the exhaust for leaks, and missing, damaged, or broken parts. I am checking that it is securely mounted and no holes or clamps with soot are visible which would indicate a leak.

Electrical line (Pigtail)- I am checking that the electrical line is securely connected to tractor and trailer, free of damage, and is properly supported as are the supply and service lines.

tractor front
tractor side

  Cab To Trailer

Windshield - I am checking the windshield for cracks, to see that it is clean, and that it does not have any stickers which are not allowed. I am checking the windshield wipers for missing, damaged, or broken parts; that the rubber is good and it is flat against the windshield.
Mirror - I am checking the mirror on the door to see that it has no missing, damaged, or broken parts and is securely mounted. (Make the same checks on any other mirrors as you pass them.)
Driver's door - I am checking the drivers door to see that it is not damaged, the outside latch works properly, the hinges are not damaged and are secured to door and truck. I am checking the door seal to see that it is intact - not broken or any part missing.

tractor side

Fuel Tank - I am checking the fuel tank to see that it is securely mounted, is not damaged and is not leaking. I am checking to see that the straps are not loose and the fuel line does not leak. I am checking the fuel cap and gasket in the cap to see that they are sealing properly.
Battery Box - I am checking the batteries for secure mounting in the box. I am checking that the connections are tight and do not show excessive corrosion. I am checking that the cell caps are present (If maintenance-free, mention that there are no cell caps required.). I am checking that the battery box and cover are secure.

Frame - I am checking the longitudinal frame and cross members for cracks, broken welds, holes, or other damage.

Drive shaft- I am checking that the drive shaft is not bent or cracked. I am checking that the u-joints are secure and free of foreign objects.

Clearance - I am checking that the space between the back of the tractor and front of the trailer is enough so that turns can be made without the tractor or trailer coming into contact.

Front of Trailer or header board - I am checking the front of the trailer or the header board for damage.

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