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CDL (Group A) Pre-trip Inspection Study Guide
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Picure of the front of an 18 wheeler

This study guide is designed to help you learn the proper techniques to pass the pre-trip test required for the CDL (Group A) test. The guide uses vehicles which are representative of those which would be used to obtain your license. You vehicle will probably differ slightly. As with most tests, the way that you answer the questions or present the required material is just as important as knowing the information. We have included the suggested verbage to use when making the pre-trip inspection as well as the location of the item which you are checking. Using your mouse to place the cursor on top of parts displayed in the photos will cause their idenity to be displayed. When performing the pre-trip, you should place your hand on the parts of your vehicle as you recite the section for that part.


Move in an organized manner - we suggest starting at the left front of the vehicle and walking down that side and returning forward on the right side. It is usually easier to start each section at the top and work down. This study guide covers the overview, engine, the cab and area directly behind it, the trailer, and then the inspections which require getting into the cab. In normal practice, you will become proficent at checking all the items and will be able to complete the entire inspection in one pass around the truck. We have arranged this guide in a manner which will make it easier to memorize and repeat the keywords which the examiner will want to here. This will require making two complete trips around the truck in addition to the light tests. Recite the text beginning on the next screen during testing. Notes to you (don't say to examiner) are in red.

If you move your mouse over the picture below, you will notice that the pointer changes to a hand (default on Windows XP). A moment later, the name of that part will be displayed. You may see a security warning if a firewall is enabled. If so, you may have to allow the blocked active content in order for some elements to work. In Internet Explorer, this may be displayed below the address bar.
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